TLI GLOBAL GEMSTONES POLISHING is the in-house polish factory of the group. Our experts and dedicated team has deep knowledge of prevailing market trends and therefore keeps a check at all levels in order to deliver quality products to our customers all over the world. supplying gemstones to the trade. We specialize in custom cutting for manufacturers and designers, and we pride ourselves on our on-time delivery, diligent service, and consistent quality.

Polishing refers to the degree of smoothness of each facet of a Diamonds/Gemstones as measured by a gemologist. When a diamond/Gemstone is cut and polished, microscopic surface defects may be created by the polishing wheel as it drags tiny dislodged crystals across the surface.

At TLI GLOBAL, All Diamonds and Gemstones display the polish grade as determined by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America). Our Experts and Professionals have keen eye to make well polished Precious stones. Our Polishing Grade using the following scale:

No polish defects visible at 10x magnification.
Very Good
Any defects are extremely difficult to see at 10x magnification.
Any defects are difficult to see at 10x magnification.
Defects are noticeable at 10x magnification, and may be visible to the naked eye.
Defects are visible to the naked eye.

Our experts and professionals go through multiple steps to get to the final product such as sawing, grinding, sanding, lapping, polishing & tumbling. After each step the final quality of stone will be determined by our expert gemologists.